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There are many tips which can help you save money on energy with your new home and assist you in meeting the required 5-star energy rating in Queensland.  Many of the ideas are simple and seem common sense but for some reason are not implemented in many new homes.  Consider some of these ideas for your environmental house design.

  • Window Shades
  • Efficient Window Placement
  • High Quality Insulation
  • Home Position

During the host summer days in Queensland what is the number one factor for making you home hot?  For most homes it is the sun beating through the windows.  Simple changes in your new house design can make a big impact on the amount of heat entering the home.

Window shades, awnings, and window tinting can reduce the amount of heat blasting into your home.  These items can be easily added to your new house design by the drafting services provider, but you may want to discuss an even more important factor with them.

How should your home be placed on the property for the most efficiency?  You may have always thought your rectangular lot would only allow you home to sit one direction, but depending on your location it might be smart to rotate your home on the property.  A slight rotation can change the impact of the sun in heating the home and increase your homes efficiency.

Insulation – The Hidden Gold in Your Home

Do you think a discussion about insulation is just a matter of Yes or No?  Insulation is key in the efficiency of your home.    The quality of insulation varies dramatically.  The difference between a low grade insulation and premium quality can be amazing.  It can cause dramatic reduction in energy usage for the lifetime of your new home.

Here is a suggestion.  Sit down with Daryl Wood or Kwang Ja Lim of Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd to get a free quote for your environmental house design.  Ask them how much difference insulation can make in the home.  They can give you very close estimates of how much difference using top grade insulation will make in energy efficiency compared to going with a low cost generic insulation.  It will probably shock you at how much difference in efficiency there really is.

Energy Efficiency in Every Room

Lighting fixtures, ceiling fans and other small elements can play an important factor in reducing your cost of energy usage.  Ceiling fans help circulate the air making a room more comfortable which translates to lower costs for running air conditioners.

Lifting fixtures which are strategically placed and using low power consumption bulbs can reduce you energy bills.  Consider the usage of your rooms when choosing they type of light needed and how it should be segmented.  Talk to the team providing your house design services about these issues, too.

As an example, in an entertainment room you may want your lighting segmented into multiple areas and powers.  You may have times you need to have the room bright for reading, sewing, or playing games.  There are times the room can be dimly lit while everyone is watching a movie.  Other times you need lighting somewhere in between.  By having lights on multiple switches or dimmers you can reduce your energy costs while still having the amount of light you need at any given moment.

Most ideas for energy efficiency only modestly affect your environmental house design quotes and cost of building your home.  Take a little extra time talking to your draftsman about ideas to create a home which is energy efficient.

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