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Almost every year either Queensland or our National representatives make new regulations concerning environmental design concerns for new homes.  These new rules and regulations are then complicated even further by cities adding additional building requirements.  Even real estate developments get into the action by having their own sets of guidelines for property owners.  This can lead to confusion about environmental house design issues.  Are you sure what you need to account for?

The only way you can really be sure is to sit down with a designer who keeps up to date on all the rules and regulations.  They can help you wade through all of the latest requirements and can even help you discover some great advantages, too.  Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd is a company who stays up to date by subscribing to industry publications, but more importantly having close contacts with councilmen, their offices, inspectors, builders, and other movers and shakers in the real estate world.

Falling Behind on Changes in Rules Can Cost You Time and Money

What you will find is when you work with a company who keeps up to date on all of the new house design rules it saves you money.  You do not have delays, changes, and other problems once you get started.  You might even discover you get the opportunity to grab some extra funds from government programs which promote high efficiency homes.  If you are curious about these issues contact Drafting Concepts and visit with them about the services they offer.

You will discover that currently various government agencies offer funding to help you add solar and wind power to your new home.  These programs can help you create a environmental house design which saves you money and protects the environment.  These are the types of tidbits of information which Drafting Concepts can help you uncover.  You can find out about many of these items when you request free environmental house design quotes.

The other challenge in your new house design is getting it all approved by the permit offices and inspectors.  This is where working with a top design firm is invaluable.  Their contacts and level of knowledge make it easier for them to step your permit application through all of the red tape and get your final approvals.

Minor Changes for Big Benefits

When you are working with a design team who keeps the environmental issues in mind for your new house design you will notice many small differences.  They will specify different quality windows.  They will discuss issues about window placement in more detail with you.  You will quiz you extensively about using more efficient toilets, showerheads, and other common household items.  They want to make sure you take advantage of every efficiency possible.

Do not be surprised when they start recommending different types of siding or roofing than what you anticipated.  Tiny changes in materials can make major impacts on energy efficiency.  Do not be shocked when they start recommending you invest in more expensive appliances.  They understand the difference between a high efficiency front loading washing machine and a much cheaper top loading machine cannot be measured by looking at the initial cost.  It must be weighed against your return on investment and your desires to save resources.

The real bottom line of all the discussions with your drafting services partner is very simple.  They want to make sure the home they design for you is what you really want.  Some people have very strong environmental concerns while others just want to meet the code.  If you want the most efficient house possible or the most cost effective new house design it all starts by making your desires clear.  Communication is the key.

Rainwater and Grey Water Can Make Your Yard Green Again

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