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You have seen the television shows and projects where Universities go crazy building a green home.  They spend an extra hundred thousand dollars to save a few extra dollars per year.  It does not make sense for most families to go to these extremes, but there are many ideas which are financially smart in your environmental house design.

On these extreme examples of green homes you often see the house being built into a hills side, covered with soil, or otherwise protected from the elements.  While you may have no intention of building your home underground you can simulate many of the advantages with a couple of simple new house design features.

Creating a More Efficient Home without Burying Your Home

The first item to consider is porches, awnings, or other window covers to shade your home from the hot sun.  Keeping the sun from pouring through your windows can reduce your cooling costs significantly.   Your house design services company can discuss options for accomplishing these goals while still making your house look modern and beautiful.

The other item is having slightly thicker walls with more insulation.  Choosing to switch to slightly thicker walls which can hold extra insulation will make your home more energy efficient and less vulnerable to the whims of weather.  This will add to the cost of your home slightly, but is often worth exploring.

Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd can provide you with many other ideas for making your new home design more efficient.  They offer free environmental house design quotes which is a great time to discuss ideas and ask questions you have.

Windows Can Leak Your Money Away

The next item which you must consider for your home is the quality of the windows.  Simple single or dual pane windows may not accomplish your goals.  Choose windows which are rated for high efficiency and with a long warranty.  Triple pane windows lose dramatically less heat and cold through the glass than other styles.  The cost is a little more, but your savings in fuel usage make it a great investment.

A very inexpensive way to cut costs on utility bills can be found right in your bathroom.  Since you are going to be installing new toilets in every bathroom make sure you use the best dual flush toilets possible.  These will reduce the water you flush into the sewage system unnecessarily.  If you do not clearly specify your desire for these on your construction drawings and plans you can be confident you will probably end up with standard less efficient units.

The key to the savings is not in getting crazy but simply taking a little extra time to ask questions and listen carefully.  The team at Drafting Concepts will understand your desire for efficiency and will explain many options which are low in cost but can make big changes in your fuel and water costs.  Then it is up to you to decide this is the way you want to go.

It is important you understand the small added costs for most of the ideas for your new house design are quickly paid for by the lower utility bills.  The hard thing to comprehend on a new home is exactly how big the savings are.  You will never see the larger bills because you chose to save money up front.  If you are curious about how much difference it might really make ask Daryl Wood or Kwang Ja Lim to estimate the difference a high efficiency furnace, air conditioner, or other items can make.  You might be shocked to discover how cost effective an environmental house design is compared to the option of throwing your money out the window.

Environmental House Design Ideas from Small to Large
Waterwise Tips for Environmental House Design

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