Rainwater and Grey Water Can Make Your Yard Green Again

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When you are preparing to build a new home you have an amazing opportunity.  You can create  an environmental house design which implements strategies to give you water for keeping your lawn green, your flower beds growing, and even a garden lush.  You may even discover these strategies will entitle you to rebates, tax breaks, and grants for choosing to implement them.  Talk to your drafting services team to see if they are aware of any financial saving you might be able to get.  Companies like Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd keep up to date on opportunities within the communities of Brisbane, Sunshine Coast and the surrounding area for opportunities for their clients.

Capture Rain Water for Later Use

One of the best ways to have fresh reusable water is to capture the rain water which hits your roof and would normally disappear into a drainage system.  Rainwater tanks are available which look great in your yard and provide you with large amounts of water storage.

With recent changes in regulations and restrictions on using main water resources for watering your yard and for gardens these tanks give you an opportunity to enjoy your yard the way you wish.  The tanks can be adding to your new house design and can be almost unnoticeable in your yard.

Grey Water – The Water Which Almost Escaped

What is grey water?  Grey water is the water from the rinse cycles of your washing machine and dishwasher.  It can also include shower water and water from other places in your home.   This water is usually only slightly dirty and has very low percentages of soaps in them.  There are places you can reuse grey water to make major reductions in your water usage.

You should not use grey water in vegetable gardens.  The soaps and chemical may be absorbed up the roots of the vegetables and then end up back on your table.  The grey water can be used for your yard, washing your car, and for flowers.  The low percentage of soaps does not hard these plants and is a great method of reducing your overall water usage.

Capturing grey water takes a little extra effort and work on the part of your builders and your house design services.  You will need storage tanks and specialty plumbing to remove the water and store if for your use.  This does add some cost to your new house design, but gives you so many cost savings and benefits it is hard to overlook as a viable option.

This is one issue you should not try to plan on your own but should consult with your design team.  Drafting Concepts Pty Ltd is familiar with many different methods for increasing water efficiency in homes including working with grey water.  When you request your free environmental house quote form Drafting Concepts mention you are interested in re-using grey water and they can guide you with ideas.

Turning Your New Yard into Green Beauty

These two items may sound like you are going to a lot of effort, but if you have always dreamed of a beautiful green yard with bushes, flowers, and other plants you do not have many options.  You will need plentiful water and with restrictions on usage getting tighter every year it is time to plan on re-using every drop you can.  These systems will allow you to create the landscaped yard you have dreamed of the accent your new house design.    A true environmental house design does not stop inside the four walls of your home but extends to the edges of your yard.

Staying Comfortable In Your New Environmentally Friendly Home
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